Version 1.5

Why 1.5?

When I originally started work on this frame it was going to be version 2. The plan was to use larger diameter thinner gauge, round tubing. My welding had improved so I had hoped that the welds would be neater, and various bosses would be installed to make cable runs easier.

The first thing that I discovered was that my welding had not improved. Neither had the welder that I was using. I also ran into a time problem in that I had hoped to have the bike ready to take down at Christmas and I was cutting corners to do so.

Accepting that the finish would not be quite as good as I'd have liked, I pushed on to get it done, but at the 11th hour, one of my dubious seat mounts snapped while I was tightening it, thus preventing completion. I gave up.

Many months later, having despaired of not having a recumbent to ride, I bodged together a mount using jubilee clips to secure it and kitted the bike up. It rode OK and has been used as a test platform for various ideas regarding chain routing. It has survived a few near misses and currently holds the record for the fastest recumbent up Arthur's seat. It is however, not a fast bike. It's heavy (~21kg) and almost too stiff. The weight distribution is excessively forward, making the front suspension bottom out and making it easy to lift the rear wheel during heavy braking. A new version was required.


So here she is. This was taken shortly after the first ride home and a great many modifications have taken place since. Chain routing is better with a pulley on the return and tubing on the upper chain only. The knowledge I've gained from the chain routing on this one has had effects on the design of version 2.