What are you talking about?

"Take it easy man!" Recumbents are all about lying back and enjoying the ride. Well. Not quite all! Sometimes it's about going blisteringly fast (How does 82mph sound to you?) and if that is your calling, then the BHPC may be able to help.

In my case the thing that attracted me to recumbents was the comfort factor. That and the enormous grin that results from travelling whilst lying down. More details of that experience form part of the story of recumbent no 1.

So if they're that good, why not buy one?

Ah. Well. The idea of building one came from the knowledge that others had done so before combined with the lack of finances to buy the one I wanted. At that point, my ideal recumbent (From my limited experience) was going to set me back over 1600, while I could build one for a fraction of the price.

Of course, after that the reasoning starts to get a bit hairy. As I write this, I'm most of the way through building the third frame. I'm using high-tech tubing and while I've probably still spent less overall, I could almost certainly have bought something usable for less.

But that's not the point anymore. I enjoy the challenge of building them, and there is a satisfaction in riding something that you built yourself. Perhaps, one day, I'll buy one. But at the minute I'm having far too much fun!