The recent investment in a new (to me) Canon EOS500 SLR has lead to a renewed interest in photography. This combined nicely with the move to a highly photogenic city and consequently I now have an increasing number of photos. The collection is small and fairly unsorted at present, but I will probably look to categorise them as time progresses.

I have watermarked some of the high-res images, not in an attempt to reduce your enjoyment, but simply to retain some control of the copyright. I have no real objection to most people using these photos, but I would ask that you at least credit me, and inform me of the usage. If you wish to use them for commercial gain (print / web) then please contact me first.

I should also mention that aside from resizing and branding these images, they are untouched. All the photos so far were taken on film and scanned and I have not edited anything. Firstly because I would like to improve my photographic skills rather than my photoshop skills. Secondly, because the computer that I'm using to do all this does not have the horsepower to deal with anything complex!

Warning, the following pages are image heavy and link to larger images. Not for the narrow of bandwidth!

I have a new portfolio site.