I like bikes. I've liked bikes for a fair number of years now, and I believe that more people should ride them. I've ridden in various cities in Britain and in France. In Edinburgh, I can reach most parts of the city centre faster by bike than my colleagues can by car. By the time I've locked my bike up and cooled down, they are often still hunting a parking space.

Despite what you may have been told or may believe, cycling is not dangerous. I've only come off and suffered injury twice in around 10 years and both times were entirely my fault. Until you learn to manage the vehicles around you, it can be intimidating and you may have some close shaves. Once you've taken control of your roadspace though, it becomes a fast and refreshing way to travel. A given journey will rarely vary in length regardless of other traffic movement and if all else fails, you can always get off and become a pedestrian.

Now there are bikes and there are bikes. That said, I'll ride pretty much anything with two or more wheels (I've not managed a unicycle yet).

!!!Contentious viewpoint warning!!!

"Why don't you wear a helmet?" I get asked this question by many people. Friends and relatives alike seem convinced that I'm just unaware of cycle helmets and that if they just inform me I'll embrace the 1" of perforated foam and be magically be protected from all ills. To the best of my knowledge, they will offer protection from minor cuts and grazes (To the top of the head) in the best of circumstances. I can rant for days on this topic, but I would refer you, dear reader, to a more informed and rational source of information: If you don't consider this a debateable issue then consider the following: Would you be happy to throw a PC from a car at 20mph protected by 1" of expanded polystyrene? If not, you might want to consider how useful the cycle helmet currently is.