Brittany - Easter 2006

Every easter for many years, I have been to Brittany with my family and friends. These are the photos from 2006 when we were graced with clear skies (Although often accompanied by cold winds). Some photos from this holiday have wormed their way into other galleries, but the remaining ones are still (thankfully) far from "wot I did on my 'olidays!".

Two of the photos are identical aside from the orientation of the polarising filter. I can't make up my mind which one I prefer so they are both included.

ac001.jpg ac003.jpg ac004.jpg ac010.jpg ac011.jpg ac012.jpg ac013.jpg ac016.jpg ac017.jpg ac018.jpg ac019.jpg ac020.jpg ac022.jpg ac024.jpg ac025.jpg ac026.jpg ac028.jpg ac032.jpg ac033.jpg ac035.jpg ad001.jpg ad002.jpg ad004.jpg ad023.jpg ad026.jpg ad031.jpg ad032.jpg