Can you hear hooves?

Welcome to Hooves of Destiny. A name conjured up during the darkest recesses of a coding project and a ultimately used as a front for the contents of my brain.

A selection of things appear here, including my various bike construction projects, and ride reports.

Notes on formatting and display

This website is HTML 4.01 compliant. What this means to the non-geeks is that if you are having display problems, such as areas of colour that don't go as far as they ought to, the problem is "officially" at your end. There are known issues with the display of the title bar in IE, but as I don't have a windows platform + IE to test with, I'm not inclined to exert much effort in dealing with it.

If this bothers you, you have three options:

On the other hand. I accept full responsibility for spelling and grammatical errors. If you find any, please feel free to inform me.

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